Perfectly targeted newsletters for a perfectly targeted audience

Hassle-free creation of your school's newsletter

Crafting a quality newsletter that informs and engages takes a lot of valuable time and effort to produce.

MAPS Smart News digital newsletter integrates directly with your website.  Simply post your news article to the ‘news and events’ page of your website and each day, week, or month (that’s up to you), a newsletter will be generated from these posts.  Additional stories that may not have been published on your website can also be added.

Then, at the push of a button, your fully responsive and custom branded digital newsletter is emailed directly to your school community.

Smart News Digital Newsletter - Frequently Asked Questions

If you are building a website through MAPS, the Smart News digital newsletter feature is included in the cost of the website build.  If you are adding the newsletter feature to your existing website there is a small charge.  

The ongoing email costs are charged quarterly and are dependant on the number of recipients.  Safe to say, it's a LOT cheaper than printing newsletters.

Contact us and we will send you a video link so you can see how easy it is to create and email your newsletter with MAPS Smart News digital newsletter.

Smart News digital newsletter is compiled from two different sources. News and events posted on your website and additional stories which can be custom added. 

News and events are a standard feature of a MAPS built website. For this reason, the Smart News digital newsletter works best on a MAPS built website - it is not essential, just ideal. You can compile an entire Smart News digital newsletter with custom stories.

Export your database of email contacts to a CSV file and we will create the email recipient list for you.  If you are concerned about privacy, we can create a step by step video and show you how to upload the email list yourselves.

No, families can subscribe to the newsletter via your website or unsubscribe if they no longer wish to receive the newsletter. You just need to add new families each year and this is a simple process.

Yes, we can create separate databases by year level or subschool structure, enabling you to customise recipients of your Smart News digital newsletters. This also means you to use Smart News for other communication within the school.

Yes, training is included as part of the installation of the Smart News product.

So easy!  We have lots of schools using Smart News and rarely are users challenged with it.  We are only a phone call away for newbies.

During the setup phase, we will create a layout with dedicated page header images, this will save you a lot of time. You can change these images but remember, predictability is the name of the game when building brand and audience so you should aim to only make these changes once a year.

Within the body content of each page, you can add as many images as you like.  Please note, it is the schools responsibility to ensure student image permissions are in place.

Over 60% of browsing occurs on smartphones and tablets so digital newsletters must be responsive (resize for different screens) and Smart News definitely is.

If your school are uploading PDF newsletters to your websites, these are not responsive and you may find they are not read.

Yes, we won't delete your newsletters, it's up to you to determine the number of newsletters you want to archive.  Best practice, keep twelve months worth, not ten years.

Yes they can, however, this is a digital product so it's not really designed for print and the appearance will be different to a normal page structure.