Yearbooks are the perfect
student keepsake

If you're going to outsource anything, make it your Yearbook!

Yearbooks are an excellent way to capture cherished memories for students. Most of the work involved in creating a quality keepsake Yearbook falls towards the end of the year, creating a bottleneck of work for staff at a busy time of the year. Outsourcing the very time-consuming responsibility of designing your Yearbook to our professional designers takes the pressure off your team and results in a far more appealing outcome.

A systematic approach delivers beautiful Yearbooks

MAPS work with dozens of schools to capture memories in beautiful quality Yearbooks. To streamline the process, we establish a contents layout and a workflow system that suits your school and facilitates the movement of hundreds of large image files. On signoff, MAPS print and deliver the Yearbooks to your door.

Whilst we work on the design of Yearbooks all year, it’s still always a race against the clock to include end-of-year activities and then deliver the books in time for graduating students. We are proud to boast we have never failed to meet a deadline delivering Yearbooks – no matter how aggressive the timeline – and that’s a standard we intend to maintain.

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