The way your school presents itself to its enrolled students and their families is just as important as upholding a positive brand image among the wider community. School Handbooks and yearbooks are very time-consuming and costly publication for schools to produce. The time your leadership team and administrative staff spend creating these publications could be better spent on other tasks — outsourcing this responsibility to MAPS Marketing makes sense.

MAPS Marketing produce a variety of handbooks and internal publications for schools, including:

  • Curriculum handbooks
  • Course outlines
  • Transition handbooks
  • Returns books (all school forms)
  • VCAL logbooks
  • Staff operations manuals
  • Passports to Year 7
  • Yearbooks

As education industry experts, we add more to these publications than just great design. We delve deep into the content and offer suggestions based on our extensive experience and knowledge. We approach each brief thoughtfully, to create a publication that is practical and easy to read while also being attractive. Cost comparisons confirm that outsourcing this work to MAPS Marketing saves schools both time and money, and the finished product is useful, informative and very stylish.