Our School Website Design Agency Services Include

Do you have a fully functioning, attractive and up-to-date school website?

MAPS Marketing understands that the first place most parents look to when considering where to send their child to school is the school’s website. Your school’s website acts as a window to the world and is a significant influencing tool during the parents’ decision-making process.

Your school’s website has amazing power to create a positive first impression and is referred to as frequently as printed promotional material, possibly even more so. In short, if you don’t have a fully functioning, attractive and up-to-date website, now is the time to change that.

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We build user-friendly school websites

The websites we build are supported by a user-friendly content management system that is easy to manage and update. We put these measures in place to ensure that the website is a living, organic document that is flexible and adaptive to suit your school. Importantly, MAPS Marketing websites are also responsive, this means that they automatically resize and adapt to enable seamless viewing across different devices including smartphones and tablets.

Web Design & Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

We are at the forefront of school website development. We know what’s new, what’s interesting and above all — what works.  We guide our clients through the often complicated process of building a website, ensuring the process is as efficient, well-managed and timely as possible.

digital marketing for schools

Digital Strategy & Online Marketing for Schools

We develop killer strategies for schools that will get you the enrolment numbers you are looking for. We have 30 years of experience working with Victorian schools and providing them with a comprehensive range of marketing and communication consulting services. Don’t let your enrolment numbers slip. Get in touch with us today for your education marketing needs.

Some of our amazing school website designs


No, we will try and make your budget work. We want to deliver the best possible website to you at the best possible price.

It usually takes us 4 – 6 weeks to design and develop a website.  From there, it’s up to the client to provide the content in a timely fashion.

Of course! It saves a lot of time if you wish to retain the basic structure and content of the existing website, but wish for a new look.

No sorry, we don’t repair existing websites, we just build from scratch but are happy to use existing content and recreate any features you may wish to retain.

Yes, we offer a full copywrite service.

Yes, we provide you with 1-on-1 training where we will teach you how to maintain your own website. The entire session is recorded and provided to you so you can revisit it whenever needed. We also offer 30-day support after the training has been provided in case you have any further questions.

Yes, we are contactable during office hours Monday to Friday and we have very friendly and well-experienced staff to assist you.