MAPS marketing is a full service school marketing & communications agency

At MAPS, we provide visionary and enterprising schools with everything they need to present their brand to the community in the best possible way

Time and time again, we have seen high standards generate pride of association in a school community benefitting everyone – teachers and staff triumph in the success of being associated with excellence, students take their school pride into the world after they graduate and parents are satisfied that they did the best by their children.

Those feelings of pride and ownership are invaluable marketing tools, as a school’s brand is always strengthened by parents, students and teachers who promote and build the school’s reputation. That’s marketing at its most powerful.

MAPS marketing’s philosophy is increasingly supported and embraced by a growing clientele of school Principals, Assistant Principals, Business Managers and Teachers who know marketing is not an optional extra. They recognise that it is an essential element of a school’s business administration. Marketing is also a specialist skill, with an increasing number of schools working with MAPS marketing to provide a range of marketing services and products.

Over many years our range of products and services has evolved, yet our philosophy remains the same:

We support schools to achieve their highest standards by helping them combine excellent education with the best business, marketing and communication practices.

Meet the MAPS team

Emma-Jane Hamilton



Cooking and entertaining, travelling and my wonderful family.


Dishonest business practices and spiders (perhaps they’re related)!

Something to live by

“Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.”
Albert Einstein