A picture sells like a thousand words

Immortalise your school's journey with professional school photography

School photography goes beyond simple snapshots. It is an art form that has the power to tell your school’s unique story and capture moments that evoke emotion and pride. At MAPS, our experienced photographers have been helping communities truly “see” their local schools for decades. We understand the importance of creating special marketing images that leave a lasting impact. With our expertise in school photography, we can turn moments into memories and images that speak volumes about your school’s values, achievements, and vibrant atmosphere.

Every photoshoot presents us with the challenge of encapsulating the essence of your school in visual form. We meticulously plan and schedule every detail to ensure that your school receives the best value for your investment. Our team creates a relaxed and happy environment during the photoshoot, making sure that participating students feel at ease. We believe that a positive experience translates into authentic and natural photographs. By combining professionalism and a fun atmosphere, we create an environment that allows students to enjoy the process while we capture genuine moments of joy, curiosity, and growth.

Vibrant school photography that highlights your school's spirit

School photography is a powerful medium to showcase the vibrant spirit and diverse activities that make your school community truly special. At MAPS, we understand the importance of capturing the energy, enthusiasm, and camaraderie that thrive within your school. Our talented photographers have an eye for detail and a knack for composition, ensuring that each photograph encapsulates the essence of your school’s dynamic environment. Whether it’s capturing student achievements, group interactions, or engaging classroom moments, our school photography elevates your brand’s visual presence and leaves a lasting impression on viewers.

We work closely with your school to understand its unique identity and the key aspects you want to highlight. Our photographers take the time to familiarise themselves with your school’s ethos, values, and key events to ensure that each photograph accurately represents your school community. By capturing authentic and spontaneous moments, we create a visual narrative that resonates with parents, students, and the wider community. Our vibrant school photography not only promotes your school but also instills a sense of pride and ownership within your school community, inspiring continued excellence and engagement.

Elevating your school's image with professional school photography

Your school’s image and reputation are invaluable assets, and professional school photography plays a significant role in enhancing them. At MAPS, we bring professionalism and expertise to every photography session. Our team of skilled photographers knows how to capture the best angles, lighting, and compositions to showcase your school in the most visually appealing way. We pay attention to every detail, ensuring that each photograph reflects the high standards of your institution and communicates your commitment to excellence.

Our experience in the education sector allows us to understand the specific needs and requirements of school photography. We have worked with numerous schools, providing them with stunning visuals that align with their brand identity. By combining our photography skills with our understanding of marketing and communication practices, we deliver photographs that go beyond aesthetics. Each image becomes a powerful tool in promoting your school’s achievements, facilities, and unique educational offerings. With our professional school photography services, you can elevate your school’s image, attract prospective students and families, and reinforce your position as a leading educational institution.

All images are supplied free of any ongoing licences

Primary Schools

Half or Full-day Photoshoots

Secondary Schools

Full-day Photoshoots

Marketing Photography - Frequently Asked Questions

Our photographers are the BEST in the industry so they are busy.  Please book three weeks in advance.

We don’t think so; you will get great use from the images, making them great value.

The cost includes:

  • All preparation, scheduling and paperwork
  • Attendance by very experienced staff, including a highly qualified, leading Photographer and Director/assistant
  • Supply of images in low resolution for digital use and high resolution for print, together with a Thumbnail directory
  • Licence-free, royalty-free images – you are free to use them as needed and can even give them to the photographed students if they ask

Contact us for an obligation free quote.

That really depends on your budget.  We find a half day 9 – 12.30 is enough for Primary Schools but a full day is required for Secondary Schools.

We will help you here by providing a suggested list of scenes that covers all KLA’s. We also encourage you to provide further suggestions of unique features at your school that you would like us to include.

We distil all these locations into a basic run sheet for the day – all you need to do is provide a timeframe for each location and make sure your staff are expecting us.

Oh no! We need you to select students before we arrive. We also need you to obtain permission from their parents/guardians. 

If it’s starting to sound complicated, don’t panic, we’ve got it covered. We send you the appropriate letter for families as well as instructions on student selection before the shoot. Basically, we need you to select students who are clean-cut, fresh-faced and representative of your community. Glasses and braces are all perfectly acceptable; they’re a natural part of life. Oh, and they need to WANT to be involved – attitude and enthusiasm is always captured by the camera.

No, we prefer that you select students for each set and then send them back to class after their photo has been taken.  We aim to create as little distraction as possible and students get bored if they have to wait around all day.  

Absolutely, after all they’re the backbone of the school.  We will include as many or few as you choose.

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