Your schools' website is a window for your community

Prospective parents start their research by visiting your school’s website

Websites have a tremendous impact on how people perceive your school. At MAPS, we know that first impressions are key and that your website will be referred to more often than any other marketing material.

Your school’s website is the most significant influencing tool referred to during the parents’ decision-making process. An attractive, fully functioning and up-to-date school website is an essential requirement of a successful school marketing strategy.

We make managing
your website easy

Websites built by MAPS marketing are supported by a user-friendly content management system that is easy to manage and update. We empower our clients to maintain the content on their own websites with training and then support them with the trickier ‘back end’ maintenance. We help schools as much or as little as they feel they need.

This approach ensures that your website is a living, organic document that is flexible and adaptive and suits your schools’ communication needs.

Responsive websites generate more enrolment leads

The variety of existing internet-enabled devices, coupled with their differing popularity, creates a distinct need for your website to cater to all technologies.  For this reason, MAPS websites are responsive, meaning they will automatically resize and adapt to enable seamless viewing across different devices – including smartphones and tablets. This feature is an essential part of a modern school website design and development. 

MAPS is at the forefront of school website development and design

Our team know what’s new, what’s interesting and most importantly – what works.

At MAPS, we guide our clients smoothly through the complex process of building a website. In doing so, we ensure the process is as efficient, well managed and as timely as possible. The websites we build are eye-catching, user-friendly, easy to maintain and search engine optimised.

School Website Inclusions

Bringing Ideas to Life

School Websites - Frequently Asked Questions

Quality communication to your market via a new school website…. priceless!  Sorry, only joking.  We know we are reasonably priced and we will try to accommodate your budget. It’s in our interest to deliver the best possible website at the best possible price.  Contact us and we will provide a quote.

It usually takes 4 – 6 weeks to design and develop a website.  We find the hold-up is usually the supply of content to populate the website.  For this reason, we build your new website on a staging platform that allows you viewing access so you can watch the progress of the build.  We find this spurs our clients on with their content gathering.

Of course! It saves a lot of time if you wish to retain the heading structure and some or all of content of your existing website.  We will take your direction, some content is worth keeping and some not, just let us know.

We don’t repair existing websites because we don’t want to take on responsibility for work that may not be to our standard so, we just build from scratch. That said, we are happy to use existing content and recreate and modernise any features you may wish to retain.

Yes, we offer a full copywriting service.

Yes, we provide you with 1-on-1 training where we will teach you how to maintain your own website. The entire session is recorded and provided to you so you can revisit it whenever needed. We also offer 30-day support after the training has been provided in case you have any further questions.  MAPS marketing employs full-time, in-house, onsite brilliant staff – we’re only a phone call away when you need help.

Yes, we are contactable during office hours Monday to Friday and we have very friendly and well-experienced staff to assist you.