We create BOLD & beautiful school logos

Your school logo is a quick visual representation of your brand

Logos speak to us, consider your logo is a mini advertisement for your school and recognise that judgements are formed based on how well you are visually presented.

Equally crucial to beautiful logo design is determining how the logo is used. Consistency is key to building a brand. As part of our process, MAPS will develop your schools unique ‘style guide’. A style guide will ensure that all ongoing communication materials are visually consistent with the correct application of your logo, colours and fonts. We will also supply you with a complete set of your logos in a wide variety of file types for your ongoing use.  At MAPS, we firmly believe in empowering our clients by supplying the tools they need to shine.

MAPS are experts at working with schools to develop new logos or refresh existing logos, so if you’re considering developing or redeveloping your brand, a conversation with MAPS will be valuable.

MAPS are experts at developing school logos

Embrace your history, but look to the future

Many schools need to modernise their brand with an updated logo that embraces history while communicating a commitment to a dynamic future.

Introducing changes to your logo doesn’t have to be a painful process. The MAPS design team has years of experience working collaboratively to develop and refresh school logos that satisfy even the most stringent requirements and discerning audiences. We guarantee your community will be delighted with the finished product.

Communicate with hybrid logos

Hybrid logos are a great way to make anniversaries, special events, and special programs memorable or uniquely identifiable.

Our design team will incorporate elements of your ‘master’ logo and help create a unique look and feel for your events, houses, clubs, programs and even values while maintaining your established style.

Animated logos to breathe life into a website


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