Your school logo is a quick visual expression and identifier of your schools brand.  At MAPS Marketing, we’re market leaders in the creation of beautiful, bold logos of distinction.

A school logo derives its meaning from the quality of the school it represents.  The right logo should portray respect for your school’s history while also indicating a vision for the future. Logos speak to us. You should consider your logo is a miniature advertisement for your school and recognise that judgements will be formed about your school, based on how the school is visually presented.

Equally important as the design is determining how your logo is used. Consistency is key when building a brand and as part of our logo design process, MAPS develops a ‘style guide’ to ensure that all communication distributed by your school is delivered in a consistent manner with a clear and unified message.

MAPS Marketing is an expert at working with schools to develop new logos or refresh existing logos so if you’re considering a new logo, a conversation with MAPS Marketing is extremely valuable.




Refreshed Logos

Over time, many schools find they need to modernise their visual brand by updating their logo. A refreshed logo should simultaneously embrace a school’s history while also communicating their commitment to a dynamic future.

Introducing changes to a logo can be a complex political process, particularly in schools as there are many stakeholders including academic staff, past students, current families, school boards and sometimes religious bodies.

MAPS Marketing has years of experience in refreshing school logos to the satisfaction of all stakeholders. Our process is a collaborative one and rather than face a potentially fraught process, our clients enjoy a streamlined and professional service.



Hybrid & House Logos

Hybrid logos are a derivative of your original master logo.  They are often used to communicate a special event such as an anniversary or a specialist program at your school. They are also very popularly used to create a brand for your school communities, houses or clubs.