School marketing is widely misunderstood and is often perceived as being solely about creating glossy brochures, school publications and advertisements that ‘sell’ a school. This is a short-sighted view.

At MAPS Marketing, we disrupt common misconceptions by offering effective school marketing that develops strategies for a multitude of business elements. We adapt a well-known business model to explain and examine marketing focus. We also tailor our analysis specifically to the education sector.

Let us introduce you to The Seven P’s of School Marketing:

  • PRODUCT – Your educational product: the programs, courses and co-curricular opportunities students enjoy.
  • PEOPLE – The quality of your leadership team, your teachers and staff and, of course, your students, who are your greatest ambassadors.
  • PHYSICAL EVIDENCE – The quality of the surrounding landscape that your students experience: your grounds and facilities.
  • PROMOTION – How your school is promoted and marketed, and the quality of your communications material.
  • PROCESS – The policies, procedures and processes that support the delivery of your school’s educational product.
  • PLACE – The geographic location of your school and how accessible it is to students.
  • PRICE – The school’s fees and ancillary expenses.

Approaching your school’s marketing by analysing the Seven Ps will help to attract enrolments, retain students, strengthen your professional team and improve the school’s brand image in the wider community.

Engaging with specialist knowledge and skills is essential for any business – that’s why more and more schools are choosing to work with MAPS Marketing.


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